Powder Coating
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Our surface protection services

Powder coating, electrostatic painting

Powder coating using any (RAL) colour and quality of powder colour.

The main activity of Resin Ltd. is powder coating

Depending on customer demand, we conduct powder coating in any (RAL) colour and quality of powder colour to the requested thickness.

Depending on the number of items, we conduct quality powder coating on an up-to-date automatic powder coating machine conveyer belt or on a manual machine.


If there is no need for powder coating a certain area, we mask it out, according to drawings supplied. We have also gained great experience in this field in the past few years.

Corrosion prevention and surface treatment

Prior to powder coating, degreasing and acid curing take place. After this, as a pre-treatment before powder coating or merely to prevent corrosion, we can perform the following surface treatments, depending on the material of the items:

Surface treatment

Joining methods

* Pressing plastic thermal bridges in metal profiles (building industry)
* Wheel blasting
* Wheel blasting with corrosion-resistant grains


Subject to contract, Resin Ltd Resin Ltd is ready to fetch deliver parts to be powder coated.

Surface treatment and corrosion prevention competence

Our university degrees in this specific field and experience gained over many decades guarantee successful operations.