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Sintering, powder coating and surface treatment since 1989

We serve the building, automotive and electronics industries as well as other diversified fields of mass production with powder coating.

Powder coating and sintering. Order taking in Budapest

We complete the chemical pre-treatment of items in two ways.

After degreasing and acid curing we perform:
- yellow chromating
  or chrome-free conversion coating on surfaces
- iron phosphate and zinc phosphate coating

Both these pre-treatments protect the metal from corrosion and help achieve the desired adhesion strength of the powder coating.

Our powder coating capacity is 50,000m² per year

If there is no need for powder coating a certain area, we mask it out, according to drawings supplied. After pre-treatment, we perform high quality powder coating of both high and low numbers of parts on an up-to-date automatic powder coating machine conveyer belt, using the powder colour that best meets customer requirements. Besides this machine, we also operate a smaller, manual powder coating machine.

Our powder coating capacity is 500,000m² per year

We conduct powder coating of low and high numbers of items

Upon request we perform:
- wheel blasting on aluminium and steel articles
- joining profiles
  (pressing plastic thermal bridges in door and window profiles)
Constant high quality is guaranteed by meeting the ISO 9001 quality standard and environmentally safe production is assured by the ISO 14001 environment control system. Resin Ltd is ready fetch and deliver parts to be powder coated, subject to contract.

Our surface treating plants are located in Gyömrő and Budapest. Our headquarters is in Budapest.

Memberships of associations

We take an active part in the activities of associations and

are members of the following:

MAJOSZ (Hungarian Vehicle Part Producers’ Association)

MÖSZ (Hungarian Casting Association)

AFMSZ (Hungarian Aluminium Surface Treatment Association)