To get a high quality and durable coating a broad spectrum of pretreatment and corrosion protection is for our disposal, from shot blasting to acidic and alkaline degreasing via building up various conversion layers.  The purpose of pretreatment is to clean the metal surface, because the corrosion protective layer can only adhere to clean surface.

Selection of the right pretreatment process is supported by our highly experienced colleagues. Chemicals which are used in our process are waterbased solvents of most modern technologies and representing the best available technologies from environmental point of view as well.



During manufacturing of particular parts various impurities like grease and oil can be adsorbed on the surface which have to be removed before further treatments to provide the right surface quality. Alkaline degreasing is used for aluminium surface while acidic degreasing for steel and other metal surfaces.    


Removal of oxid layer of aluminium parts happen by acidic treatment, right before conversion layer will be build up.

Shot Blasting:

Shot Blasting is a surface treatment process using high velocity steel abrasive to remove impurities, rust, old paintings from the metal surface. Smaller size of aluminium cast can be also treated by shot blasting.


Corrosion protective coating:

After cleaning the surface, the corrosion protective layer is build up either in the form of chromate free or phosphate compounds. They will prevent the aluminium or steel corrosion and foster the adhesion of powder securing the durability of coating.  Two types of corrosion protection layers are used:

  • the layer is on his own corrosion protective
  • the layer only with powder coating assures the corrosion protection

The steel parts are provided by phosphate corrosion protective layer and passivated.

None of the used chemicals contains any components which are  not allowed by  1907/2006/EC (REACH) European Regulation and  in compliance with RoHS directive.

Zinc powder corrosion protection:

In this process, powder granules are electrostatically sprayed to the surface. This process is offered in case of larger size steel and iron elements which are exposed to heavy external circumstances (i.e. fences).

After cleaning and corrosion protection the powder coating can be started. Further details and information of powder coating are here.


Surface treatment is defined by:

  • customer’s specification
  • composition of material
  • application
  • need tests for comparisons

The following materials can be pretreated:

  • aluminium
  • steel
  • iron
  • copper
  • bronze

Chromate free conversion layer E-CLPS 4600, and E-CLPS 2100 can be to the following size of surfaces:

Height: 500 mm 
Width: 300 mm
Lenght: 6000 mm

Our surface treatment technology