From powder manufacturer to powder user – unique professional advantage

Ottó Major established RESIN Kft. on 1st of December 1989 and it was a start of manufacturing of environmental friendly powders in Budapest in the Mázsa street plant. Within a year the powder coating activity was introduced as processing.

In 1995 a brand new pre-treatment unit was commissioned and made it possible to powder coat not only steel parts but aluminium as well. is.

In line with powder coating the powder manufacturing was running in three shifts. Resin produced powder was available in 15 resin mix, approximately in 300 different colours under the RESOLAKK trademark, but all was our own development.

In July 1996 an automated conveyor powder coating system started its operation in new site in Gyömrő.

  1. ISO 9001 system was introduced
  2. ISO 14001 system was introduced

Between 2001 and 2005 Resin Plc took over the operation of R&M ALUFE Kft. powder coating plant in Székesfehérvár in order to fulfil the increasing customers’ demand.

In 2007 Csaba Major, son of the founder took the lead and under the rationalization the powder coating and pre-treatment was getting the main activity instead of powder manufacturing. At that time there were already 60 employees in different sites.

The economic crisis in 2008 required a strict crisis management program and involvement of a financial investor for survival. After financial stabilization the main goal was to increase the productivity and to create a solid basement for further growth. Due to these efforts regeneration of powders was introduced as a pilot.regenerálása.

In 2010 new target was set to rationalize the operation between the sites, so the powder coating was fully placed to Gyömrő, while the Budapest site was specialized for pre-treatment. The pre-treatment technology was redesigned to fulfil the actual customer requests and to be capable for specific surface treatments.

In 2016 under the further development and rationalization there was a plan to put in place a second line in Gyömrő, which was going to be specialized particularly for economical and high quality powder coating of aluminium cast, and aluminium parts in big series. Therefore beyond capacity increase the customer service is getting more efficient by enhancing flexibility and providing more value-added work for customers in our work flow.

In early 2019 the dream came true the new modern powder coating line was in place in Gyömrő. Today there are for your disposal two sites, 30 experienced employees, two automated conveyor lines suitable for steel and aluminium pre-treatment and powder coating and an additional surface treatment system with pre-treatment & passivation classified for big size elements corrosion protection. That is how the demand of different industries can be fulfilled in big number, short time and guaranteed quality.